The Best Natural Supplements For Rheumatoid Arthritis – Spirulina

The Best Natural Supplements For Rheumatoid Arthritis – Spirulina

Spirulina might be something that you have heard of before but you are a bit unsure of what it is, or perhaps you are looking for a natural supplement for rheumatoid arthritis. I have been suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was a child. A few years back I discovered Spirulina and also it´s cousin Chlorella, however In this article I want to give you some information on Spirulina, what the benefits are from spirulina and what it actually is.

What Is In Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that can be found in both fresh and salt waters. Spirulina is a cynobacteria, not all bacteria are bad. Spirulina has been consumed for thousands of years and have several proven health benefits.

This little organism contains more protein than can be found in animal products and it also contains 9 essential amino acids as well as 10 nonessential amino acids. It is very high in vitamins and minerals.

What Are The Benefits Of Spirulina

What is spirulina good for?

There are plenty of benefits of having spirulina in you diet and here are a few of them;

It is high in nutrients

It is very high in antioxidants

Highly anti-inflammatory

Can help with allergies

Reduces risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol

Research shows that it might be effective in reducing risks of cancer

Can lower blood pressure

Boosts your immune system

How To Eat Spirulina

You can find spirulina in both powder form and in tablets. Sometimes you are even able to find it in liquid form.

I personally prefer it in tablets because it is just easier to take each day. I started with tablets. 1 tablet 2 times a day and from there I slowly increased it to 3 tablets 2-3 times a day. This will however vary on the concentration level. Always read the back. I also combined my spirulina with chlorella tablets which I will get into at a later stage.

If you do not like tablets and perhaps have a hard time to swallow them than you should go with the powder. I would make a green juice or smoothie in the morning and blend the powder in. I would recommend blending it in with a small frother. I am pretty used to taking this so I am at the stage were I can just mix it in with a glass of water.

If you have issues with the taste than I would definitely recommend blending it in with a juice or smoothie. It does not taste bad but you will probably need a little to get used to it. It will also change the color into a dark green color.

Where To Purchase Spirulina

I mostly purchase my spirulina online but you can find it in health food stores and even in grocery stores.

Purchasing spirulina online might even save you a few dollars as it can get quite hefty in the stores, especially if you are going for the tablets.

Lately I have been purchasing Natures Way both the tablets and the powder and you can find both the powder and the tablets on amazon.









My Experience With Spirulina

I was eating spirulina every day for years, thanks to this supplement and a combination of diet I was living without any symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am a big believer in that you can heal rheumatoid arthritis naturally.

Every morning I would start my day with spirulina, I would have tablets sometimes both midday and in the evening. It is highly anti-inflammatory and after a while you will notice a difference.

At the time when I started I was also on immune suppressant medications so I would always get sick. I would not just get one thing but I would end up with having an eye infections, pneumonia, ear infection etc. ALL AT ONCE!

After a while of eating both Spirulina and Chlorella I noticed that I stopped getting sick. A year went by and I still had not been sick. My skin looked better, my energy levels were better and a while after going on these supplements and eating a special diet, being very selective in my food I decided to go off all my medication and my joints and body were better than ever.


The list of benefits to gain from spirulina can me made long. Some might think that it is a bit expensive and perhaps not necessary. My health is worth the price of the tablets and I would never skip out on my life because of it. I did not really have a life until I started making all these changes in my life. Taking things out of my diet and adding other things in turned out to be the best thing I could do. It might take you a little before you notice a difference but if you actually follow the things that I am talking about in both previous articles and in this one I am certain that you will notice a difference.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and if you have any questions or comments please drop them down below and I will get back to you.

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  1. It’s always very interesting to find out about how certain things in our diets effect us negatively and positively, and I have to admit that this is my first encounter with spirulina and it’s benefits for Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

    My mother suffers from this form of Arthritis and I’m interested in introducing her to this option. You mention that it is available in supplement/tablet form, how can you find the top quality variety? I have recently heard that the cheaper supplements can have a low quality delivery system around their main powder?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Most of the supplements you purchase will be 100% spirulina, I always look to see how the concentration level is.
      So if you need to take 10 tablets it might not be the best product and you will end up going through the tablets very quickly. I always try to get the ones where one serving is around 3 tablets. I always try to find the organic one as well as I do not like to add more toxins to my body as more toxins and chemicals can increase inflammation and symptoms of R.A.

  2. I have not heard of spirulina before and to say the least I am surprised with how powerful it’s price is not the issue bcoz nothing can be compared with a healthy body and spirulina is doing just that i have seen relatives with athrities and the kind of argony they go through and I can only say I will giving them spirulina supplements very soon.

    1. Spirulina is a great supplement and the benefits you can experience from it is incredible. 
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. Awesome! Kudos to you Alexandra. The onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis  is usually gradual, but occasionally is quite abrupt and joints are usually involved in the onset. Mind you, is not a palatable experience. About a year ago, my aunt was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in both knees and she could barely walk I knew that taking prescription drugs could cause more harm than good if taken over a long period of time. I be of help to inquired at my favorite health food store about a natural remedy and I was recommended this wonderful Super Spirulina Tablets product and combination of some helpful diet. To be sincere she greatly relieved the pain and stiffness just as well as the prescription. Although the product is a bit costly, but health is worth the price of the tablets. Wonderful review, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for reading. I do not like prescription drugs as they can give you a lot of other issues. Diet and supplements help you with the core of your problems instead of just treating the symptoms. Thank  you so much for reading and I am glad that your aunt had great experiences from spirulina.

  4. Hi there. Thank you for this wonderful and educating post. I have never heard about spirulina before. But apparently, it has a greater advantage and more healthy among the natural supplement I have seen or heard of before. Spirulina really offers more value than its price. Rheumatoid Arthritis has been rampant among the older one. But I glad this spirulina will play a major role in keeping it under check

    1. Thank you so much for reading. Yes, it is an amazing supplement and it definitely helps with rheumatoid arthritis

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