Natural Treatment For Fatigue

Natural Treatment For Fatigue

Something that goes hand in hand with auto-immune disease is fatigue. The constant inflammation in your body can be very tiring. I have noticed that I am more tired than every one around me. Some days I struggle to get out of bed. Other days I spend in bed. Being tired all the time can be very draining. Not just for you but also for people around you. To get rid of your fatigue you need to get to the bottom of what is causing it. In my case I have chronic fatigue from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Chronic fatigue and inflammation are closely related. There are ways to help your body and I am going to go through them right now.

Chronic Fatigue And Diet

I am a strong believer that what we put into our bodies will affect everything that we are. If we put things in our bodies that are highly inflammatory we cannot expect to get anything other than bodies high in inflammation. If you want to read more about an anti inflammatory diet then please follow the link.

A lot of times after we eat, we get tired, this is because the food that we just ate is starting to digest. Foods that make us tired are often very rich in carbohydrates or protein. Both of them are good for our bodies but learn when to eat them and which kinds make you tired. Pasta, bread and potatoes for example might make you want to pass out on the couch but an oranges might give you more energy.

By choosing foods that will give you energy instead of making your already tired body more tired you can help your chronic fatigue in a positive way. Fuel your body with foods that will give you energy and reduce the inflammation that you have, instead of increasing it.

Cures For Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is usually a symptom for an underlying issue, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. As there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis the same goes for chronic fatigue. There is unfortunately no cure for chronic fatigue but there are ways to maintain it. First and foremost, get to the bottom of what is causing it. Change it up.

Add vitamins to your diet. Coffee does not count as a vitamin. A lot of people turn to coffee because they think that this will help them get their energy levels up. No! It is like with any energy drink. It will pick you up but then it will drop you even harder. Fuel your body with good foods and plenty of vitamins.

Vitamins For Chronic Fatigue

Vitamin B12 is something that you definitely should add to your diet. It has a positive correlation with fatigue and can help with your symptoms. If you want to learn more about how vitamin B12 affects your body and also read about other vitamins that can help with inflammation then please follow the link.



Zinc and magnesium are two vitamins that might also be of great benefit if you are struggling with chronic fatigue. Zinc helps your body reduce fatigue in several ways and magnesium helps your body build up its energy levels.

Something that I use and I think has helped me a lot is algae. Spirulina and Chlorella to be exact. If you want to learn more about Spirulina then please follow the link.

Do not skimp on water. Most people do not nearly drink enough water needed for their bodies. Having a dehydrated body can also make you feel tired and sluggish.

How To Deal With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It can be a struggle to deal with chronic fatigue. Some days will be better than other but there is no way of telling which days. By changing the way I live I have managed to change a lot in my life. I have changed everything from my arthritis symptoms and pains to my fatigue. I am not stating that it is easy, it is probably the hardest thing I have every done but it can be done.

I always make sure that I get enough sleep. If I do not get the sleep my body requires then the whole day will be ruined. I do not function at all.

No naps. I cannot stress this enough. I know you are tired, I know you are exhausted and staying upright for another minute seems impossible but do not give in.

You need to retrain your body in a sense. Do something that is proven to provide your body with energy – go for a walk.

Exercise is something that will give your body a lot of energy and it will improve your fatigue. It might seem impossible in the beginning but after a month or so you will start to notice changes in your energy levels. If you want to read more on what exercises will help you to start out with then follow this link.

It is ok to take a break and have a rest but do not make it a habit. Our bodies love habits. It is so easy for our bodies to form a habit but it is a lot harder for us to break it. Try to stick to a routine that involves food that will fuel your body, vitamins that will help fight the fatigue and activities that will give you energy.


It is hard to live with something that you know will never go away but it is even harder living in a medical state that can be improved and not doing so. It is an uphill battle but once you reach the top you will not regret it.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed, please leave a comment or question down below.

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  1. Lots of good advice in here, especially “go for a walk.” I’ve heard loads of people say that walking is one of the best things you can do for your body and I firmly believe that; Especially since I walk a lot and have first-hand experience with how good it really is for you.

    I know “going for a walk” is easier said than done for some people, but I think most people would feel better after doing it for a few weeks.

    1. Hi Nate,
      I agree with you. Sometimes you just need to force yourself to do it even though it can be hard.

      Thank you for reading.

  2. Yes, I quite enjoyed it thank you very much for sharing this. I knew Avacado pea helps in many ways but I didn’t know that when it is combined with that vegetable you had in the picture, it helps with reducing fatigue and increasing vigor in overall.

    I am a good proponent of healthy food and your article was more than interesting read to me because I can relate. Thank you for opening my eyes to more insight into food that can help treat fatigue.

    I can’t wait for your next update. 


    1. Thank you for reading and I am glad that you found it helpful.

  3. Excellent advice! I struggle with osteoarthritis and I am often exhausted. Having anxiety doesn’t help, because if it’s acting up, you spend most if not all day amped way up with adrenaline that you can’t help being exhausted. I also work seven days a week and get up at 4 am every single day. I often go back to work around 4 pm for a few hours. Unfortunately, napping is pretty much mandatory for us in the horse business. Add in insomnia due to anxiety and pain, and yeah, I learned that I need a nap. That said, routine is crucial! Nap and sleep every day at the same time and only for a couple hours. I DO find B vitamins and exercise a huge help! I’m actually trying to learn yoga right now. Maybe that’ll help my tiredness too. Thanks for the article, you’ve got some great advice. 

    1. Hi Selenity,

      If you do have a job where you work they way you do you probably would need to take naps, but with that said, you  probably do not take naps due to fatigue, you take naps as you do not have other ways to get rest, 

      With the insomnia, try to create a routine for bedtime, it might sound silly but it can help, it has helped me a lot.
      Try to have a set time that you go to bed every night and find a guided meditation for sleep, get into bed and have it going, try to focus on the meditation and more often than not this will make you sleep as you shut out everything but the meditation. It can take a while before you get the hang of it as it can be hard to focus on the meditation when you have a lot going on. 

      I agree, yoga helps, both with relaxing and allowing you to focus your mind but also with the pain in your body.

      Good luck to you

  4. Hi Alexandra

    I really loved reading this article about Natural Treatment For Fatigue. Both me and my wife suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis and she also has Chronic Fatigue.

    Like you say there are days when it is hard to get out of bed or days is just easier to stay there.

    I am a strong believer in that what we eat can be a benefit or a detriment to how we feel on a day to day basis. I also think what times of day we eat certain things also plays a role.

    I had to cut back on my coffee intake and i replaced that with water, i replaced my sugary snacks with fruit and it was hard but it made a big improvement and it also made it easier to start exercising.

    Keep up the good work and here’s to hoping you have many more good days than bad.


    Kevin Deaney

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I am sorry to hear that but  I am glad that you have made changes and especially that you have noticed a difference from it. 

      I completely agree, we are what we eat. 

      Replacing certain things with foods that will nourish us and give us energy can make a huge difference in how we feel and how our bodies can fight the things we are dealing with. 

      Thank you for reading, and the same to both you and your wife.

  5. As a medical student, I believe that fatigue could result from any illness, extreme tiredness from mental or physical exertion. You attributing it to autoimmune disease is quite surprising. Though, one can have fatigue if they have autoimmune diseases but going hand in hand. 

    I am sorry for being negative, because I am also researching to see if these your claims are through. I just find out that chronic fatigue syndrome is not autoimmune disease but it has symptoms like those of autoimmune diseases e.g like being tired all the time and pain

    1. Hi Augusta,
      Chronic fatigue is not always an auto immune disease how ever they have found evidence to support that some cases of chronic fatigue is actually an auto immune disease.

      People who suffer from chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis often suffer from chronic fatigue as it is one of the symptoms from this illness, this can be due to the constant inflammation that your body has to fight. 

      Of course chronic fatigue can be caused by a variation of illnesses both, mental and physical, I do not believe I have said anything that would state otherwise. 

      In this article I am not talking about life in general and chronic fatigue, I am writing about the correlation between chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis, studies show that around 80% of people with R.A. do suffer from chronic fatigue.

      I hope this will answer your questions.

  6. Hi Alexandra

    I have arthritis mostly in my hands and have been looking for some help with it. I agree with you, what you put in your body affects everything you are and do. I am also diabetic so I don’t eat a lot of carbs and I am taking a multi vitamin, but is that enough? I am sure that I do not get enough water or exercise so thank you for the links to help me with those. You have given me more information that will definitely help me out. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kari,
      When you have arthritis you should not eat to much sugars so you not eating a lot of carbs can actually be beneficial in this case. How ever your body does need carbs to work, but aim for carbs such as quinoa and brown rice. 

      You should add, omega 3, vitamin b12 and glucosamine into your daily routine as well as foods that are highly anti-inflammatory such as ginger and even algae.  There are also certain foods you should try to avoid such as nightshades and gluten as they are highly inflammatory and can increase your inflammation.

  7. I’m so glad that I came across this article now as my mum is battling with rheumatoid arthritis and deals with chronic fatigue. Yesterday was really bad so I tried to come online today and look for ways to be able to help her manage this.

    Sometimes, she just can’t get out of the bed for the walk, I will let her read this article now and  hope she sees sense in dragging herself out of the bed for a short walk. Hopefully, she can make this a habit. And with the algae, is it OK to take brands that are just made of only spirulina? That the one we have at the moment.

    1. Hi, 
      Getting out of bed and preferably outside is one of the best remedies, there is magic in fresh air and also nature and forest. If possible go out into the forest for walks, this does great things for both the body and the mind. 

      If they are 100% spirulina that is great, the more the better.

  8. I am also a big believer on you are what you eat as well. I read some article it said that when there is inflammation in your body, your body has less ability to absorb all the nutrients in our food since the body is trying and tired from healing the inflammation. The article also claims that by eating Keto diet helps with chronic inflammation and also helps with energy boost. What I usually do when I am tired is I get up and start walking around the house. Might just go to my back yard and get some fresh air. I also take the B12 in the morning, I find that I can focus longer when I use them. This might sound weird but I heard from Mel Robbins, to start your day without the interaction with your cellphones. If you wake up and grab your phone right away, you will cloud your mind and tire your brain with unproductive stuff. First just get up and focus on you, eat good breakfast for you to have the energy without any distraction. Trust me, try it and you will be surprised. After you are ready for the day you can start using your phone 🙂

    1. Hi,
      I have read a few articles similar to that as well, very interesting. 

      Waking up and focusing on you and not your cellphone actually sounds great.We seem to get trapped in our online worlds instead of here and now. Enjoying waking up without the need to know what has happened online. I will try this as it does sound like something that would actually work surprisingly well.

  9. Hi Alexandra, I must say that your article is very helpful and informative. We are living in such stress today where fatigue is pretty normal. I often run in pharmacy to buy pills forgetting about natural remedies such as vitamins. Luckily I have a habit to drink a lot of water throughout the day but do you maybe know what food is rich in zinc?

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Yes it is very common that we use pills instead as we are creatures of comfort. Zinc can be found in legumes, nuts and seeds as well as egg and a variety of meat and seafood.

  10. Hi Alexandra, This is a Wonderful article, I have carefully read your article. I have enjoyed during reading your tips about Natural Treatment For Fatigue. I have learned many tips from your article about Natural Treatment For Fatigue. Hopefully, if I can follow these tips then I will be able to cure fatigue. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Paul, Thank you so much for reading.

  11. Thank you for a very informative article on fatigue. I am convinced that many health issues are related to or exacerbated by what we eat. Plus, inadequate amounts of sleep also can cause issues with our health. I like the fact that you recommended not taking naps. Naps are destructive to good sleep habits and proven to lead to insomnia. 

    1. Hi Glen, thank you for reading.
      I agree with that as well. 

      Yes naps will mess with you, I think activating your body in a different way is a lot better, it will increase oxygen which will give you more energy. 

  12. I and my family,have been using vitamins for a long time,with very good results, we have used vitamin b for tiredness,and for problems with nerves,and calcium for bones and teeth.

    My wife struggles with chronic fatigue, which is aggravated by her medicine for epilepsy,and has used Bio-plus and Liviton, to counteract it, but with limited success.

    I have found that,walking to the shops,for supplies has a very good on my energy levels,and increases my stamina.

    It is interesting,and I had not realised before I read the article,that foods and diet plays such an important part in overcoming fatigue.

    Drinking water instead of coffee is something, that will be very helpful to many people, myself included.

    1. Hi Robert,
      I am sad to hear about your wife. Medications can be hard as they do give a lot of side effects and then we are given more medications to counteract those and then the circle continues.

      Being outdoors and keeping active is great for fatigue and energy. 
      By eating food that will give you energy instead of making your body tired you will notice a difference. 

  13. I read sometime ago in an Old health journal that we are what we eat, eating right cannot be overemphasized, adequate sleep (not more than necessary) plays its own role as much as exercise. Thanks to your blog post i now know that not just should i eat right i should especially eat foods containing Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B12. Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you for reading. Yes it is very important to nourish our bodies from the inside and out. Starting with what we eat. 

  14. Hi Alexandra,
    I was really surprised to learn that Arthritis came to you very early in life.
    I was diagnosed in my mid fifties not with Rheumatoid Arthritis but Psoriatic Arthritis.

    I can relate to what you have gone through with the various medications. I was started first on NSAIDS (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs), then DMARDS (Disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs), and then onto Systemics (you mention Mehtotrexate) in your article. Methotrexate was nasty and increased the fatigue factor 10 fold. There were days that I could not get out of bed.

    None of these medications proved to be completely efficient and the side effects that you mention were at times unbearable. Flareups of swollen joints would often leave me helpless and in excruciating pain for which Prednisone would be prescribed. 

    Chronic fatigue has it’s own schedule but some of the solutions you mention in your post (especially the foods and proper rest) do in fact help with the maintenance of being overly tired all the time.

    My saving grace came from a new Biologic Drug called Cosentyx. I started to self inject just over a year ago (every two weeks 150mg/ml) and my symptoms are well under control. I noticed somewhere else on your site the mention of Embrel and Humira. Are you taking either of these and if so, have you had any decent results?

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to write this post on the ‘Natural Treatment For Fatigue’ associated with with auto immune disorders such as Arthritis. I found it to be quite helpful as it confirmed some of the remedies that I was already aware of.

    Be well.

    Kindest regards from Canada,


    1. Hi Paul,
      Yes I have had it all my life but it has prepared me well on how to deal with it when I am older. 

      I have been on several different treatments with similar results to yours and what you say about not being able to get out of bed, I have been there as well. It is terrible and I am sorry you have had to go through that. 

      I am not on any medications at the moment no, I have been on both enbrel and humira but not for for years now. All the side effects from those medications truly did frighten me, such as cancer. I watched my mother go through cancer and that is not something I would want to do.

      When I was on humira I was still going through the same r.a. cycle as before. I would go a couple of months being well and then it would come back and the only thing that would help was a cortisone injection. I am glad tho that they are proving to be of help to others. 

      I am glad that it has been helpful. Do not hesitate to leave further comments. I am always happy to answer questions and help as much as I can.

      Thank you for reading.

  15. Hi, Alexandra.
    Thank you for taking the time to reply in such a thoughtful manner to my comment.

    The Cosentyx has proven to be the best for me so far. My only complaints are a result of stiffness on some days. I have to have blood work done every couple of months. My liver enzymes sometimes become elevated. Still have not determined the reason.

    I am currently changing my diet to one that is more low carb (need to lose a bit of weight) and decrease inflammation.

    I look forward to reading your other posts on this site for guidance for foods.

    Very helpful site, Alexandra. Keep up the great work and I hope that you get better by the day.

    Kindest regards from Canada,


    1. Hi Paul,
      The best thing, that I have noticed to get rid of stiffness, has been movement, yoga actually. From time to time I do experience horrible stiffness as well, especially in my legs, when this happens I increase my yoga sessions. I do them at home, does not need to be long 20 minutes will be enough, but I sometimes do them everyday. This has helped a lot, it might take a little bit of time before you notice any great improvement, for me it only took about two weeks to notice a huge difference, from constant pain and stiffness to a lot less pain.

      Just remember that your body does need carbs as well, it is about choosing the right carbs, such as vegetables. If you are looking for decreasing inflammation in your body you should try a anti-inflammatory diet, where you excluded foods that are known to be highly inflammatory, such as nightshades, dairy and gluten.
      You can also start adding highly anti-inflammatory foods into your diet, such as ginger and spirulina.

      Thank you for your kind words, I am glad that I might be of some assistance.

  16. hi I found very useful information I can’t provent my brother from smoking he is addicted How can you prevent diseases from smoking

    1. Hi, It is impossible to prevent disease from smoking, the only thing you can do is not smoke.

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